Tuesday, September 30, 2014

VAFR 20th year pics

This year was the 20th year that Virginia Family Retreat has run. It was amazing to see the way God has led and how it has grown over the last twenty years. This year was an all time high, with over 310 people attending. Here are a few snapshots...

Song service opening night

Clayton family (hosts) giving announcements...

Paul sharing Wednesday night

Timothy and Tiana Oliver singing...

Alane Waters sharing...

The women and children learned how to make artesian bread during the men's breakout

Jerry and Suzanne (hosts)

Carolyn sharing about parenting teenagers

men and children enjoying activities during the women's breakout

Hannah sharing about how to trust God though the hard times

Jim Dunn (he and his wife were the hosts for the very first VAFR 20 years ago)

Tom sharing at the divine hour

See you all there next year!

COFR pics

COFR was another blessed Family Retreat. The scenery at Eden Valley where the camp is held, is beautiful, providing wonderful surrounding surroundings. Here are a few pictures that give a little taste of our time. :)

Alane sharing about parenting...

The children and mothers enjoying the crafts during the men's breakout...

view of the camp from one of the nearby mountains

children and fathers enjoying a treasure hunt during the women's breakout...

Bill and Kelly, the hosts...

Tom and Alane sharing about marriage

Divine hour

view of the campus from another spot...

Tuesday, August 19, 2014


Here is a little glimpse into the North West Family Retreat we had a few weeks ago. God richly blessed... We see a huge potential for more growth for this FR! Bring your friends next year!

Karina Pettey (camp host)

Men's singing Friday night is always a highlight!

Pettey family sharing (hosts)

FR was held at UCA in WA. The scenery was gorgeous.

As was the grounds...

Children's choir

Sabbath 11:00


British Columbia Family Retreat was a highlight for many families. Here are a few captures of our time there.

Beautiful Scenery at Camp Hope

Kevin and Rachel Trenchuk (hosts)

Sharing on the opening night...

Song Service

Family Retreat is for everyone!

The young people love to play their instruments

Men's singing...

Adorable little children

Divine Hour

Hannah and a little friend...